We are always looking for past and current greyhound and other sight hound owners who are interested in providing foster homes for rescued greys on the road to their forever homes. We need your help!

We feel strongly that every rescued greyhound needs to spend some time with an experienced foster family, to give us a chance to understand the dog’s needs and character. Things like:

  • How is he with stairs? With screen doors?
  • Is she cat friendly?
  • How is he with other dogs?
  • How is she when left alone?
  • Is he crate trained?
  • Is she house trained?
  • How does he react to loud noises or sudden movement?
  • Are there any food issues?

Understanding things like these help us make better placements. For a wordier description of what fostering is like, you can download our Fostering Basics document.

If you’re interested in fostering, please download and submit an adoption application, specifying that you’re interested in fostering. We hold our foster families to the same high standards as our adopters. You can also download a copy of our fostering contract, if you’d like to see what we’ll be asking you to sign later.