Wish List

Gift Cards

From PetSmart, Ithaca Grain & Feed, Target, etc. Anywhere good quality dog food is sold. We use these to feed our many foster Greys. Gift cards also make great raffle items (see below).

Raffle Items

Gorges Greyhounds will start holding online raffles to raise much needed funds. Items can be dog/Greyhound related, but it’s not mandatory. Please scout your house for items you can part with to help us help more hounds.

Blankets or Comforters

Used by our foster families to make crates (and floors) more comfortable until the fosters find their own homes.

Monetary Donations

The adoption fee we collect doesn’t cover the expense of rescuing a Greyhound: transportation, medical exam, shots, spay/neuter, dental work, food, etc., etc. Your donation helps us keep our adoption fee affordable.