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What Do Leopard Geckos Need in Their Cage?

A leopard gecko is a ground-dwelling, crepuscular lizard. They are found naturally in the highlands of Asia. They are also found throughout Afghanistan and in some parts of northern India.  Leopard Geckos possess movable eyelids, but they cannot climb up smooth surfaces. They do not have toe pads like most of the geckos.  Leopard Geckos have become a well-established… Read More »

Do You Keep Hedgehogs in a Cage?

The hedgehog is a cute pet animal and the owner need to do little investment for them like best hedgehog cage, bedding, heat source, food, etc. Once their things are settled, it requires low maintenance when compared to other house pets. They may have some remarkable sensitivity in their food, the air they inhale and… Read More »