It’s all about the dogs

Gorges Greyhounds is based in Ithaca, New York (Tompkins County)

“Ithaca is Gorges.” So are Greyhounds…

Gorges Greyhounds exists to do everything we can to help these amazing dogs. We are an all volunteer, not-for-profit organization.


We work with breeders, tracks, individuals, and other groups to foster and place rescued greyhounds.


We find a great home for every great dog.


We share what we know about living with and caring for these forty mile-an-hour couch potatoes, to make your life and their lives better.


If there’s an issue with diet, behavior, training, barking, whatever, we can help. We strongly encourage you to contact us with any grey-related problem or question. If we don’t know the answer, we probably know who does!

We are an all volunteer, not-for-profit organization. Gorges Greyhounds is state-certified; our 501(c)(3) status is pending.

Gorges Greyhounds serves Ithaca, the Fingerlakes region, central New York, and northeastern Pennsylvania.

You can contact us at allison { at } gorgesgreyhounds { dot } org